Mme. sonia souli

  • Région: Kairouan
  • Etablissement: ISIG Kairouan
  • Classification: Supérieur
  • Niveau: 1ére année
  • Spécialité: Anglais Général / Anglais Spécifique
  • Matiére: Anglais professionel
  • Email:
  • Cv :

    CURRICILUM VITAE Sonia SOULI DHOUIBI ELT/ESP/EST Resume of Mrs Sonia SOULI DHOUIBI Last update: October 2019 Contact information: Name: Mrs Sonia SOULI DHOUIBI Address: 10 Ashhab ibn alhareth kairouan, kairouan 3100 - Tunisia Phone: 0021622418122 Mobile Phone: +21622418122 Fax: +21677236632 E-mail: Permanent Address: 10 Rue Ashhab ibn alhareth kairouan, kairouan 3100 - Tunisia Permanent Phone: 0021622418122 Permanent Mobile Phone: 0021622418122 Permanent Fax: +21677236632 Permanent E-mail: General information: Currently employed. Date of birth: 24 April, 1977 Nationality at birth: Citizen of Tunisia Nationality now: Citizen of Tunisia Marital status: Married Gender: Female Visits to other countries: United Kingdom September 2000, 40 days Nature of visit: for summer school Stamford France October2006, a week Nature of visit: stage e-miage e learning Jules Vernes University Picardie Foreign languages spoken: English Reading ability: Fluent Speaking ability: Fluent Writing ability: Fluent Native speaker? No Simultaneously translate? Yes Arabic Reading ability: Fluent Speaking ability: Fluent Writing ability: Fluent Native speaker? Yes Simultaneously translate? Yes French Reading ability: Fluent Speaking ability: fluent Writing ability: fluent Native speaker? No Simultaneously translate? Yes Employment preferences: Teaching experience: 15 years Responsibility details: - English Language Teacher for fifteen years. - Teaching (EST/ESP/EAP) at the Higher Institute of Computer Sciences & Management.Kairouan Experienced in teaching: General English to Adults, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Business English, English for Marketing, English for IT, English for Multimedia, English for Teachers. ________________________________________ Secondary and higher education: From September 1996 to June 2002 College: University of Arts and Human Sciences Manouba Tunisia Exams: -- Results: success. University degree on English language &literature (Bachelor degree.) From September 1989 to June 1996 College: Secondary school (Aindraham) Exams: Baccalaureate degree Results: Success Principal Session. From September 1983 to June 1989 College: Primary School (Aindraham) Exams: -- Results: Success. . ________________________________________ Academic Merit, Scholarships and other distinctions: - A Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature. A TKT certificate _A member of e-miage groupe for online learning - An EST ( English For Science and technology) training Course - A Member in an E-Learning Platform COSELEARN. Technical, Professional or Occupational Training: Other Certification: From December 2008 to December 2011 College/Institute/Employer: Coselearn Platform Type of training: Training Program Subjects studied: E-Learning College/Institute/Employer: Higher Institute of Computer Sciences& Management Memberships of professional institutes or societies: Teacher of English Language at the ISIG(Higher Institute of computer sciences and Management) -Member in Coselearn E-Learning Program Employment history: From September 2004 to November 2019 Ministry of Higher Education/ Higher Institute of Computer Sciences and Management Country: Tunisia Employer Activity: -- Position/s held: English Language teacher Reason for leaving: I’m still working there .I'm a permanent teacher . and any other interests: