Mr. DHOUIBI kamel

  • Région: Kairouan
  • Etablissement: ISIG Kairouan
  • Classification: Supérieur
  • Niveau: 2éme année
  • Spécialité: Anglais professionnel
  • Matiére: Anglais professionel
  • Email:
  • Cv :

    Mr. Kamel Dhouibi Resume ID: 48520 1. Account Details Name: Mr. Kamel Dhouibi Address: Rue Omar Iben Bana n:12 kairouan kairouan 3100 Phone: 0021697962430 Mobile: +21697962430 E-Mail: 2. Permanent Contact Details Permanent Address: Rue Omar Iben Banna n:12 kairouan kairouan Tunisia 3100 Permanent Phone: 0021697962430 Permanent Mobile Phone: 0021697962430 Interested in Summer Teaching in: EUROPE 3. Personal Details Employment Status: Currently employed Date available for employment: Wed 18 Sep 2019 Date of birth: Thu 16 Dec 1971 Country of Birth: Tunisia Town/City of birth: kairouan Nationality at birth: Tunisia Nationality now: Tunisia Dual nationality: No Permission to work in EU: No Gender: Male deskPDF Studio Trial Page 2 of 4 Marital status: Married Passport: Applicant holds a passport Passport Date of Issue: Fri 01 Aug 2003 Passport Place of Issue: kairouan-Tunisia Passport Date of Expiry: Mon 01 Aug 0001 Driving Licence: Applicant does not hold a current driving licence 4. Languages/Cultures English Speaker: Applicant is not a native level English speaker Visits to other countries: United Kingdom Jul 1995 , length of stay 2 MONTHS Nature of visit: For summer school(Brighton ,Falmer University ) Italy Sep 2005 , length of stay 15 days Nature of visit: negotiate a job Opportunity Foreign languages spoken: French Reading ability: FLUENT Speaking ability: INTERMEDIATE Writing ability: INTERMEDIATE Native speaker? Yes Simultaneously translate? Yes Arabic Reading ability: FLUENT Speaking ability: FLUENT Writing ability: FLUENT Native speaker? Yes Simultaneously translate? Yes English Reading ability: FLUENT Speaking ability: FLUENT Writing ability: FLUENT Native speaker? Yes Simultaneously translate? Yes 5. Employment Preferences Teaching Seeking a teaching position?: Yes Has previously held teaching position?: Yes Teaching experience: 19 years Experienced in teaching: General English to Adults, Young Learners, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Business English, English for Marketing, English for IT, English for Multimedia, English for Teachers, Online English Specific Exam preparation for: TOEFL Management Seeking a management position? No Has previously held an EFL/ESL management post? No deskPDF Studio Trial Page 3 of 4 Details of Management Experience I have been selected to teach at Turin university as a web tutor for the Academic year2003/2004. Teacher Training Seeking a Teacher Training Position Yes Held a Teacher Training post? Yes Active member in TOESOL & TATE. Administrator Position Seeking an Administrator Position No Seeking a Sales & Marketing Position Seeking an Administrator Position No Countries You Wish To Work In Applicant expressed an interest in working in Italy, Spain, Canada, France 6. Education University of Arts and Human Sciences .Kairouan Tunisia From Sep 1991 to Jun 1999 Results: success.getting University degree English language &literature (Bachelor degee.) ) Secondary school(Okba) From Sep 1987 to Jun 1991 Exams: Bacalaureate degree Results: Success Principal Session. Secondary School(Ettathamn) From Sep 1984 to Jun 1987 Exams: Oriented as a Stuend of Arts and Languages. Results: Success.Principal session Primary School(Imem Sahnoon) From Sep 1977 to Jun 1983 Results: Success. Has degree Yes Academic Merit, Scholarships and other distinctions GETTING A Bachelor DEGREE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE&LITERATURE. MA in Linguistics.M.A in English Didactics Titles of any Thesis/Culminative projects CALL&CALT (Computer-Assisted Language Learning &ComputerAssisted language Teaching ).Teaching using the Internet. I wrote a small book entitled\"Communicative Teaching of Productive skills:Speaking &writing\" A Member in an E-Learning Platform COSELEARN. Working on a Project with BA students of Computer Sciences entitled \"Arabic Language in the Information Age\".I entitled it \"The Arabic Dream\" M.A Thesis " Understanding self-rregulated reading process with digital seriuos game; A case study". Conferences attended: Tunisia TESOL: 2014-2015/ 2015-2016/2016-2017/2017-2018/ 2018-2019 TATE7th International Conference. Workshops/Masterclasses attended: British council Workshops M. A in Linguistic" Language, Culture, and Thought". M.A in English Language Didactics. 7. English Language Training English Language Teaching Certification University of Arts &Human sciences Kairouan Tunisia From Sep 1995 to Jun 1996 deskPDF Studio Trial Page 4 of 4 Subjects studied: Applied Linguistics&Britsh literature&Theater University of Arts &Human sciences kairouan Tunisia From Dec 1994 to Jun 1995 Subjects studied: general linguistics&American literature& Britsh&American civilisation University of Arts &Human sciences kairouan Tunisia From Sep 1993 to Jun 1994 Subjects studied: English Language and Literature 8. Non-English Language Training Other Certification Coselearn Platform From Dec 2008 to Dec 2011 Type of training: Trainig Programme Subjects studied: E-Learning Qualifications gained: MA Web-Teaching Higher Institute of Computer Sciences&Management From Oct 2008 to Nov 2008 Type of training: Trianing Course Subjects studied: E-LEARNING Qualifications gained: Certificate Memberships of professional institutes or societies: Teacher of English Language at the ISGI(Higher Institute of computer sciences and Management) -Member in Coselearn ELearning Programme. Member in Tunisia TESOL. Member in TATE. Examinations and qualifications for which you are still working: Master Degree in Applied Linguistics ( English Language Didactics). 9. Employment History/Referees/Other Information Combridge Italia Turin university From Oct 2003 to Jul 2004 Country: Italy Position/s held: English language teacher Ministry of Higher Education From Sep 2002 to Sep 2004 Country: Tunisia Position/s held: English Language teacher Reason for leaving: i,m still working there .I\'m a permanent teacher . Ministry of secondary Education From Sep 1999 to Sep 2002 Country: Tunisia Position/s held: English Language teacher Reason for leaving: I was selected to teach english at the university Referees MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Address: Tunisia Telephone: Fax: Email: Ministry of Higher Education Address: TUNISIA Telephone: Fax: Email: Further Information Hobbies and any other interests: MUSIC.SPORT.COMPUTING