Mlle. Amel Ochi (certified TEFL teacher and one-to-one tutor)

  • Région: Ariana
  • Etablissement: كلية الآداب منوبة
  • Classification: primaire
  • Niveau: 6éme année
  • Spécialité: Anglais Général
  • Matiére: Anglais
  • Email:
  • Cv :

    أستاذة أنجليزية، لدي الإجازة الإنجليزية في اللغة و الآداب و الحضارة. ولدي شهادة في تدريس اللغة الانجليزية كلغة أجنبية من لندن، مع خبرة5 سنوات في التدريس الابتدائي و التدريس عبر الانترنت مع تلاميذ من الصين و الفليبين Hi all, I'm teacher Amel ochi, I'm an English teacher graduated from manouba university. I'm also a certified tefl teacher and one-to-one tutor. I completed my 240 hour tefl course from i-to-i tefl based in London. I've been working  as an English teacher for almost 5 years now , I taught primary and 7, 8 and 9th grade, I taught them how to speak and express themselves  using the target language. My teaching style is very dynamic and my classes are always fun, creative nd interesting I want my students to be relax so we can do a lot. I specialise in vocabulary, pronunciation , grammar and writing. Help students in improving their 4 skills In my class, you have nothing to worry about when you commit mistakes because that is a part of learning. I speak 3 languages English French and Arabic so I know how it is to learn a new language. I enjoy seeing my students improve in certain area; it  is more than rewarding I'm Looking forward to seeing you soon in my class. ♡♡♡♡